I like long-form pieces, and I plan to keep writing them, but that kind of thing does take some commitment, not just to write but also to read.  I hear you on that, my busy readers.  Hence I give you … the culture minis.

Photo credit: flickr.com/library_of_congress

Like I do on the main part of the blog, I’ll still call attention to notable movies, art, music, and design and make a case for  why you should care, but here it will be 400 words or less.

In case there is any confusion about this point, I should mention that I am not by a sense of the word a hipster.  (Big surprise, right?) Since that is the case, I have little interest in trying to comment exclusively on all the new, new things.

I like new things too, but sometimes it feels like there is some international hipster association that certifies the month’s mandatory discussions for aspiring hipsters.

With all the hype, we sometimes forget that the new things aren’t necessarily the best things. Still, if I come across something new that is compelling enough I might discuss it, but I will probably focus on things that have been out for a while and are worth revisiting.

It will be a little eclectic and a little personal, and it’s still a work in progress, but I hope you’ll find something to appreciate in the process.

Cultural Minis:

1. Stranger than Fiction

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